Win Diamond Ring and Enter RingReveal Code

RINGREVEAL code on your semi fragrant RINGCANDLE can win you engagement ring. Utilize RINGREVEAL code to input Extra TV Crack The Code redcarpet Challenge & Ring Reveal Contest and catch a opportunity to win $100 ring, or even $1, 000 ring or 5000 ring. Therefore Ladies exactly what exactly are you waiting for?

You’re permitted to enter once every day.

To enter the competition you want a Contest Code that can be gotten via two modes: buy and also without purchase via mail.

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Purchase: Purchase a Diamond Candles Ring Candle or alternative Diamond Candles Product to Locate a wrapped emblematic ring worth 10 and also a Contest Code

You’re going to obtain the Contest Code through email.

After having the code, then log on to and gain enroll. After that, input your Contest Code for find an appraisal worth of a ring related to this. In the event the worth of this ring is 100 or even more, you’ll be ascertained while the Winner of this Contest. Winners will get a connection whereby they may select their earrings exact size and style from the ring range.

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One at every 100 admissions will secure a ring worth $100, one in every 1000 admissions will secure a ring worth $1000 and 1 in every 5,000 admissions will secure a ring worth $5,000.