Lay’s Do Us A Flavor the Pitch Voting Sweepstakes

Lay’s look for your yummiest flavor idea has nearly completed! Your turn to taste and present your vote to get the favourite flavor in-lay’s Can Us a Flavor 2017 Voting Sweepstakes and permit them to pick just the 1 million grand prizewinner. Besides, it is also possible to win some wonderful prizes regular only giving your own vote. Each of 3 brand new flavors will soon be on the store in 30 July, thus taste it and throw your own vote.

All people that are atleast 18 yrs of age during that time of entrance can take part in this Competition.

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Eligible participants could submit their vote at almost any one of those five following manners:

  • See or through the advertising time and Comply with the onscreen directions to vote to the Favourite Finalist Flavor from the LAY’S® Can Us A Flavor® The Pitch Contest and submit a Entrance in to this Sweepstakes.
  • Twitter or Instagram: To be able to input via Twitter and Insta-gram, simply tweet or place the right Hash-tags in your own Twitter accounts or Instagram account. To vote LAY’S® What Bagel, tweet or article #VoteEverythingBagel #SweepstakesEntry; To vote LAY’S® Crispy Taco Flavored Potato Chips, tweet or article #VoteFriedGreenTomato #SweepstakesEntry; To vote LAY’S® Fried Green Tomato Flavored Potato Chips, tweet or article #VoteCrispyTaco #SweepstakesEntry.
  • SnapChat: Simply swipe your own beloved Finalist Flavor to submit a vote because of this specific Finalist Flavor.
  • Display Parts: Look on the Web for Lay’s Can Us a Flavor that the Pitch voting electronic advertising. And provide vote as stated over the advertisement.
  • Bonus Entries: you might also share sweepstakes via face-book or Twitter and get bonus entries.

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LAY’S What Bagel with Cream Cheese Prizes:

  • (2) Grand Prizes: a vacation for 2 to newyork. .
  • (231) Premium waterbottle (ARV: $25.00)
  • (2) Grand Prizes: Trip for 2 to San Antonio, Texas.
  • (231) Premium waterbottle (ARV: $25.00)
  • (231) Flavor-inspired Slogan Shirt (size Large) (ARV: $20.00)
  • (231) Phone Case (ARV: $20.00)
  • (231) Pool Float (ARV: $25.00)

LAY’S Fried Green Tomato

  • (2) Grand prizes: A trip for 2 Savannah, Georgia (ARV: $6000)

(924) Daily Prizes:

  • (231) Premium waterbottle (ARV: $25.00)
  • (231) Flavor-inspired Slogan Shirt (size Large) (ARV: $20.00)
  • (231) Wrapping Paper Spool (ARV: $20.00)
  • (231) Corn-hole Set (ARV: $200)